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At, we decode all Nissan Radios in minutes from the serial number from your radio.
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At, we decode all Nissan Radios from the Qashqai, Juke and Micra to every other model, in minutes using the serial number from your radio.

All Nissan codes are 100% guaranteed to be correct & unlock the unit.

Every Nissan Radio Model Covered, simply fill in the fields and get your Nissan radio code today!

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How to find & enter your Nissan Radio Code

Connect Radio Codes Learn more about

Nissan Connect

When looking for a Nissan Qashqai Radio Code, this stereo system is the most common fitted to your car. And although the 2012 model is most popular, we can decode newer and older versions too.

The Nissan Connect system is the most popular model and is also the easiest to unlock. Start by inputting any incorrect code into the system 3 times and a pop up will appear, like the one in the example picture.

This is this information we need to unlock your Nissan radio.

Enter Your Serial number, Device number & the date as it is displayed on screen.

Daewoo Radio Codes Learn more about

Nissan Daewoo

When generating a Nissan Daewoo radio code, the information is found on both the screen and the label on the back.

To get the information on-screen, enter an incorrect code 3x into the system and information like the Nissan connect radio will display.

Copy all the information that is displayed on the screen including the date to get your code.

If for any reason this does not work, removing the radio is a sure way to get the correct serial from the radio.

After removing the unit from the dash, the serial will be printed on the sticker label on the back.

For Example: Serial#: DW35N29662, Part#: 28185BH30D Date#: 12-06-13

Clarion Radio Codes Learn more about

Nissan Clarion

The Nissan Clarion radio model is different from other Nissan radios in that it must be removed for you to access its information on the back.

Quite common in the Nissan Note, the Clarion radios have a serial number and a model number on the label which is needed to find your radio code.

You should see a 6-character model number which might look like this "PN-2424", and a "CL" serial number which is 14 characters long underneath the barcode on the label. Or the whole serial number will be displayed as "PN3001 0051457" under the barcode.

Blaupunkt Radio Codes Learn more about

Nissan Blaupunkt

Although the K12 is common in older Micra's like the 2003, 2004 models, we can get radio codes for older and newer versions too. You will need to remove the radio to get the part number and serial number from the sticker on the back.

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Some of the Nissan car radios we decode.

Nissan Almera
Nissan Juke
Nissan Micra
Nissan Navara
Nissan Note
Nissan NV200
Nissan Qashqai
Nissan X-Trail

A little more info.

Is there a Nissan radio code hack?

No, unfortunately there is no hack to generate your Nissan radio code for free. The only way to gain access to your stereo is to input the correct code into the system. This is done by using your unique serial number and the official Nissan decoding database. Be cautious when entering codes into the radio as Nissan radios will completely lock out after 10 incorrect attempts and then it becomes more costly to unlock a locked unit.

Nissan radio code from vin number

Unlocking a Nissan radio online does not require the VIN number, in fact it is the serial numbers and various other information that is key to finding the correct code from the official Nissan decoding server.

Why does my Nissan need a radio code?

During the manufacturing process, a Nissan car radio is assigned a random 4-digit code. This code is an anti-theft code that comes on after a radio has been disconnected from the car's battery. If a radio gets stolen it will need this code, so it makes a stolen radio have little to no use.

How do I enter my Nissan radio code?

Depending on which Nissan radio you have, the touch screen radios are simple, just enter the code and click OK. However, if you must use the 1-6 buttons, press the first button to find your first number, press the second button to find the second number and so on until you have entered the 4 digits. To confirm the code, sometimes it comes on automatically, other times you will have to hold button 6. For a specific radio, you'll find guides on YouTube.

Which Nissan can we unlock?

We guarantee to unlock all Nissan radios in minutes. The only radios we can't decode is a Nissan radio that has had an incorrect code entered more than 10 times, if this is the case it must be taken to a dealership to be unlocked. All we need is the serial and varied part/model numbers and production date and we can get you your code in minutes.

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